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"The Loft" (2015)- Review

The movie had all the elements to be a huge box office success: chills, sex, suspense, thrills, twists/turns, and mystery. The cast was good- but it could have been better. The movie had a great story-line but Wentworth Miller really did not give it his all,I think. Some other actor should have played his role. He barely talked and when he did act, he did not do that good a job. 

All the other guys were having affairs & Miller's character was like the loner type, isolated and a IT geek squad type of fellow. Karl Urban took the LEAD & made this movie! His acting and the character that he portrayed. The one thing that I loved about this movie was that it kept you guessing- just when you thought it was one way- a curve ball came that you never saw coming and whatever theory you thought you had, you really lost it. 

As the story unfolds, you can see why the chain of events happened the way that they did. I still cannot help but to say this again- this movie could have been No. 1…

"Black or White" (2015)- Review

I really respect & admire directors who write AND direct such powerful movies such as this one for today's society. I know that there are a ton of movies that come out each and every year that are based on true stories/events while the other half are not. But in this instance, I feel that EVERY film NO MATTER the genre, has a lesson or message in it. 

Movies like this are filmed because someone in the entertainment industry has noticed that racial issues are still a big problem in today's society; sure, it will not change overnight nor will it dissipate, but at least someone is taking the time to make a movie that he/she hopes that it will spark something in a diverse amount of people to at least attempt to make a difference in the world today. 

It is not about black or white- it is about doing what is RIGHT. Period! Custody battles happen everyday all across the world- some brutal. some civil, some violent, and others go according to plan. I believe being racist is a choice…

"The Boy Next Door" (2015)- Review

NO NO NO matter what the critics said about this movie, I loved it and I would pay to see it again and again! I have never seen Guzman in a role like this and to say this was his first time portraying a character like this: the man NAILED IT! Do you hear me? NAILED the hell out of it! I could not get over how PHENOMENAL he was! 

He was VERY convincing of his role! He had me jumping in my seat in fear. He had the look, the fire, the everything! This film reminded me of films like Gone Girl, Disclosure, Fatal Attraction & so many others. The sex scene with Guzman and J'Lo was THEE Highlight of the film. Their on-screen chemistry was on point and they had my attention and I know the audience enjoyed it as well- we all got our money's worth! 

I could NOT stop talking about this movie- I went to see another movie after I saw this one and I was finding myself telling people to see this movie if they have not seen it. I have posted on social media that this film does NOT disappoint…

"Foxcatcher" (2015)- Review

Carrell & Ruffalo shines in the movie. Tatum was great, but the movie was all about the supportive brother and the coach who was a total wreck and I wish that Tatum's character would have seen that earlier in the film. I have never seen Steve Carrell play a serious and not to mention TRUE character such as this. The make up and work that they did- the only think that was Steve was his lurky voice. 

I can see why he was nominated for this movie. I was amazed- simply amazed at how well Carrell played this part. He was VERYconvincing. I am so use to him taking on comedy movies- this was a total 180 degrees for him! Ruffalo gave a stellar performance as well. 

You could tell that this was a low-budget film. It was not as great and powerful as I thought it would be, but it was quite the movie. Channing really shined. All three did, but I still feel the film was bout Dave and Jean duPont and not Mark- even thought it was. I was in total awe at the end. The last scene was epic and trag…

"The Wedding Ringer" (2015)- Review

Talk about laughing out ‘mother-freakin’ loud! Kevin Hart does it AGAIN….and he will again and again! I was laughing so incredibly hard at this movie from start to finish! He and Josh Gad really have that best friend on-screen chemistry! I kid you not. I had the opportunity to see this movie at an advanced screening & it was the best 2 hours of my entire life! If there is another promo for it, I will be seeing it. Buying it on BluRay? Duh. 

I will see it once it comes into theaters next year most likely! Kevin is one very talented and hilarious young man! I did NOT have a favorite part because EVERY damn part was crazy, funny, and enjoyable to see! I never wanted the movie to end. I felt like I was in the movie because I was laughing just as much as the actors were in their roles! Lol! 

This is a GREAT movie to start the New Year off to see! I already KNOW that this will be a Box Office 4th of July Fireworks Colossal Success! Josh Gad was just as amazing as Kevin Hart! Just the simp…

"Selma" (2015)- Review

I enjoyed this film for the simple fact that they did NOT NOT NOT show how Dr. King died because they had so much hardcore imagery (even thought hat was how it happened) that was unbearable for me to watch and also HAVING the people in the audience making comments about the beatings and foul behavior! Ejogo did a really great job as Coretta. She is in more and more movies and that is a good things because I love seeing her! Absolutely! David, who portrayed Dr. King was stellar- but his flaw is that he cannot memorize his lines very well.

He was looking down and pausing too much for me during any speech scenes that he did have and that was distracting to me. Having Oprah in the movie- priceless! Someone passed a comment that she is always beating someone up. Lol. In the beginning of the film something happens that is so unexpected, it made my heart jump out of my chest! 

I love shocks in movies but not the kind that was in this one. I hope that all the crime that is happening in the worl…

"Tak3n" (2015)- Review

Wow! What a way to start off 2015 than with a killer and explosive sequel as this film! I forgot how bad the 2nd film was while watching this one- they really made hell of a damn dynamite film! There were so many shocking twists and turns in this movie; you needed a particular set of skills to figure out who was who, who was conning who, why they did it, when they did it, who really did it and who REALLYdid it, for what reason did they do it, etc. 

Talk about action mixed in with suspense! The way that the film ended was similar to the ending of Taken 2. I hated that the one character I loved had to die, but my guess is that Lenny had to die because the producers had to do something drastic to make a big comeback from the flop of Taken 2 that millions of fans did not like. 

The budget to make the movie must have been really low because the color was too heavy and the opening credits did not have that "illuminating vibe." Instead, they were making me dizzy a little bit; some sc…