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"Central Intelligence" Is Not That Smart! {Grade of B}

It was very ironic to see Kevin Hart play a "serious" role by being a picture perfect role model for others in the film whereas seeing a man built like a Terminator (The Rock) play the role that I am use to seeing Hart portray; and that is that of a child or a prankster. 

This was a comedy film, but it was so much more bigger than that- overall, it was a film that had one crucial aspect: recognizing who you are and who your REAL AND TRUE friends are and no matter how many years have passed or gone by, they will still be the same person and if they were bad people they opted in to change their lives for the better.  

The Rock wearing a fanny pack & acting serious when he needed to be but still in a child mindset and not in his usualkick ass action type of a way was difficult for me to watch- I felt like someone was playing a joke on me. It is like watching Steve Carrell playing a serious role when all he does is comedies just like that of Kevin Hart. 

There were 2 actors tha…

"Conjuring 2: Enfield Poltergeist" Terrifies! {Grade of A}

I can agree with audiences all over the globe and movie critics about this being the No. 1 in America right now. Yes, everyone has spoken about this being another hit film. 

It followed the same exact premise as the first Conjuring film and the introduction was explained a lot as to why Lorraine locked herself in her room for 8 days after that exorcism that she was giving a lecture on in the first film. This film gave a lot of background information. 

It was NOT as scary as all the clips and commercials/advertisements were leading us to believe- at least, that is my opinion. Do not get me wrong. I enjoyed the film. Enjoyed seems like the wrong word to use considering this was a real case and a true story of the real Ed & Lorraine Warren. 

Farmiga is the ONLY actress who can portray her role in this film. She is irreplaceable! Her acting capabilities in these films are stellar and flawless. She really draws you into what she is feeling and trying to portray to the audiences. She deser…

Now You See Me: The 2nd Act Vanishes In A Great Way! {Grade of A}

It was awesome, awesome, and more magically delicious than the first film. I will not lie. It was great to see the gang "re-appear" back on the stage and on movie screens across the world! 

I had the pleasure of working with the Four Horsemen when the first film was made. It was shot in new Orleans, Louisiana and it was so fun to meet Isla, Dave, Jesse, & especially Woody! Great and outgoing people! 

I know that millions of people were anticipating the arrival of the sequel- myself is more than included on that! I could not wait to see it begin! The opening of the film was just- magical. There is no other word to use, like literally magical! I saw a few changes in this film that I wanted to expound on for a minute. 

Firstly, I saw this film as being both a sequel & a prequel simultaneously because a lot of things were revealed and explained about various cryptic people & topics such as Dylan Rhodes, the Eye, what happened to Henley, why Thaddeus Bradley wanted to ex…

"Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping"....DIES! {Grade of F}

This movie takes you on one wild & very outrageous ride! I had the opportunity to see it earlier this week @ an advanced screening, but I had to decline due to unforeseen circumstances, but I wish I had because this is the type of film where I would want to see it either for free in a multiple of ways: i.e. someone buying me a ticket; seeing it at an advanced screening; or seeing it for half-price or at a matinee; or even having a friend who works at a theater get me in 4 free of charge admission. 

Now that my rant is out of the way, let's discuss shall we? I felt like I was in the movie myself because cameras were all up in Conner's face! His role was so unreal that it was totally ridiculous to even watch or entertain! It wasn't SO stupid like a spoof movie, but it was funny and utterly original. The moral of the film was that Conner was seen in a whole new light thanks to his friends.

By that I mean that he has finally come to the realization that money, power, and fam…

"Me Before You" Breathes Life Into You! {Grade of A}

The meaning of the title of this film was simple: To. Live. Boldly. The character of Lou (aka ME) was putting herself and her needs for Will (aka YOU) before what Will Traynor wanted for himself. 

When Lou found Will's request that he wanted for himself, she took it upon herself to change Will's mind to WANT to  live; whereas he did not. She also used his ailment/paralysis to get away from her own boyfriend & to form a true bond and love with the ONE person that she could let go and be intimate and vulnerable with. 

From the moment that she & Will went on her "last & final ditch effort" to convince Will to choose life and not death---up until the point where Will took his last breath in can feel an AUTOMATIC chill going through your whole entire body! Clafin's action & words just touch you and are so real and believable- that @ that precise moment on the beach where he tells her how he really feels- you can feel his hurt, anguish, …